Interstellar Album Cover

Announcing Terminus Void Debut Album Release Interstellar

November 4, 2021

Terminus Void, the solo ambient space music project by Seattle area based American composer, J. Ronald Smith, released the debut album Interstellar on November 4, 2021. The album was produced by A.H. Backersmith and features cover art by Gleb Alexandrov.

Interstellar is available on all major digital media platforms including Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and Iheart radio. Compact discs are also available on the Terminus Void Bandcamp webpage and various online retailers.

The Interspace Connection, Life Revolves At 33 1/3 RPM

Terminus Void Featured in The Innerspace Connection

February 12, 2022

James Piazza of Innerspace Lab discusses the debut album of Terminus Void, Interstellar, with music composer J. Ronald Smith. Read the full article here.

Terminus Void Interstellar Featured on Hearts of Space

April 2, 2022

Terminus Void’s debut album Interstellar was featured on Stephen Hill’s nationally syndicated radio program, Hearts of Space, on the April 1st episode entitled Stellar Quest. This was the 1314th transmission of the longest and most successful weekly ambient space music radio program that first aired nationally on January 1st, 1983 and is currently aired on 176 public radio stations with an estimated audience of over 200,000. In addition, the show is heard world wide via the HOS Archive service. Hearts of Space is the #2 contemporary music program on public radio on station carriage and is in the top 20 list of all syndicated programs which include All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Commenting on the debut of Terminus Void on the program, founder and composer J. Ronald Smith stated, “This is truly a full circle moment in my life as it was Stephen Hill and his initial broadcasts in 1983 that began my lifelong passion for ambient electronic music.”

Hearts of Space began as a San Francisco late night radio show in 1973 and is currently produced and hosted by Stephen Hill and Associate Producer, Steve Davis. To hear the program online or to locate the program on your local radio station, visit the Hearts of Space website at:

Origins Unknown

Announcing Terminus Void Second Album Release Origins Unknown

April 25, 2022

Terminus Void has released Origins Unknown the follow up to the debut album Interstellar. The album was produced by Nicol Smith and the cover image was provided courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill.

The album highlights feature tracks that incorporate audio recordings from NASA’s Juno spacecraft as it passed though the Jovian atmosphere of Ganymede, along with the first audio recordings from the Martian surface.

Origins Unknown is available on all major digital media platforms, including Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora and Iheart radio. Compact discs are also available on the Terminus Void Bandcamp webpage and various online retailers.

Origins Unknown Reviewed by The Innerspace Connection

April 30, 2022

James Piazza of Innerspace Lab once again delves into the world of Terminus Void with a full review of Origins Unknown, the second album by J. Ronald Smith’s solo space ambient project Terminus Void. Read the full article here.

Bert Strolenberg reviews Terminus Void’s latest release, Origins Unknown, and receives the prestigious ‘My Choice’ award

July 2, 2022

Sonic Immersion’s Bert Strolenberg reviews ‘Origins Unknown’, Terminus Void’s second album release. Read the full review here.

Expose’s Peter Thelen reviews Origins Unknown, the second release by Terminus Void

August 26, 2022

Expose’s Peter Thelen reviews “Origins Unknown’, the second release by Terminus Void. Read the full review here.

Terminus Void receives its first print magazine review of Interstellar and Origins Unknown by IO Pages’ magazine writer and critic Paul Rijkens.

September 8, 2022

Paul Rijkens reviews Interstellar and Origins Unknown in IO Pages, a print magazine based in the Netherlands. IO Pages is celebrating its 25th year covering progressive rock and alternative music, including ambient electronica. Below is the translated review:


Interstellar, Origins Unknown

by Paul Rijkens, IO Pages Magazine

Terminus Void is the musical project of American electronic musician J. Ronald Smith. His sources of inspiration are artists such as Michael Stearns, Brian Eno, Steve Roach and Vangelis. In 1983 he became acquainted with the American radio program (and record label) Hearts Of Space, which specialized in symphonic space music, and he wanted to make such music himself. He has since released two albums: Interstellar (2021) and Origins Unknown (2022).

The great thing is that Smith mentions Michael Stearns and Vangelis, because when I listen to both albums, I hear a clear link to the space sounds of Stearns and the symphonic grandeur of Vangelis, but connected. Especially on Interstellar, he uses an impressive, long held synthesizer sound that could have come from Vangelis’ Yamaha CS80. This sound is used as the solo sound, supported by the finest ambient sounds. When this is combined with melancholy (e.g. in Arrival Home), it results in a wonderful atmosphere. Sometimes (Beyond Static Tolerance, Lost In (Time) a cautious sequence is also used, in service of the music. What a beautiful album!

Smith manages to match or exceed this on Origins Unknown. In the opening track Discovery, there is also another sequence here and further a particularly impressive sound world. On this album, the comparison to Vangelis is somewhat less present, with the exception perhaps of the Star Field piece, but that is not to say that the grandeur is absent; it is perhaps even greater than on Interstellar. The music in songs like Inception and the title piece manages to transport me to distant galaxies. I feel like Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson being transported on the bridge of their imaginary starship to fascinating worlds. These are two exceptional albums by a particularly intriguing artist.

(2022, September 8) Terminus Void; Interstellar, Origins Unknown IO Pages Magazine, volume (180), pp36-37

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